All Services are free and confidential.

Pregnancy Testing

Many home pregnancy tests claim to be accurate, but you may have concerns trusting the results.
This pregnancy testing service is free, and you will be provided with the result during your appointment. Our tests are over 99% accurate.  

Ultrasound by a licensed sonographer

Your health is important. That is why we offer this service at no cost so you can know how far along you are,
the location of your pregnancy, and if your pregnancy is viable. Only an ultrasound can provide these details about your pregnancy.

Nurse Consultation

Since having a positive pregnancy test does not provide the full scope of information needed to obtain an abortion,
you can meet with a nurse to receive all of the necessary details before scheduling an abortion.

Material Resources

Whether you're choosing to parent or place your child with an adoptive family, our prenatal and parenting programs offer the support
and material resources for women and men needed during the pregnancy and after giving birth.