Learn more about the different types of abortion procedures, side effects, and risks

Considering abortion as one of your pregnancy options?

Prior to making any decisions about your pregnancy, you need to know the details of your pregnancy that can only be provided through ultrasound.  An ultrasound is used to date the pregnancy, determine the location, and check for viability vs. miscarriage.

As it is with any medical procedure, you need to be aware of the process, possible risks, complications, alternatives, and aftercare prior to moving forward.  Schedule a nurse consultation with Paulding Pregnancy Services to get all the information you need.

the abortion pill (Medical)

The abortion pill is a medical abortion procedure made up of two different drugs - mifepristone and misoprostol.  As stated by the FDA, the abortion pill cannot be used later than 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual period.
This medical procedure is not without risk.  According to the Mayo Clinic, side effects after taking the abortion pill may include incomplete abortion, heavy or prolonged bleeding, infection, cramps, headaches, and nausea.

Before making any final decisions regarding your pregnancy it is important that you know and weigh the risks and possible complications that could result from a medical abortion.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is a medical procedure which removes the pregnancy from the uterus through the vagina.  The two most common surgical abortion
methods are: 1) vacuum aspiration, which uses suction and 2) surgical abortion by dilation and evacuation (D&E), which uses scraping instruments to remove the pregnancy.

Just like with the abortion pill, surgical abortion procedures rely on knowing how far along you are, the location, and viability of your pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, side effects of a surgical abortion may include perforation of the uterus, damage to the cervix, scar tissue on the uterine wall, infection, fever, and heavy bleeding.

medical screening before abortion

Your health is important.  Choosing to have an abortion based only on the confirmation of a positive pregnancy test can lead to long lasting health risks.
You need a medical professional to help provide you with facts and information before making a decision about your pregnancy.

Suddenly finding out that you are pregnant can be overwhelming, especially if it wasn’t part of your plan.  As emotions and anxieties rise, many women choose abortion as their next step.

Paulding Pregnancy Services provides confidential medical screening appointments for women who are considering abortion or have scheduled an abortion, all at no cost.
Confirm your pregnancy with no-cost lab quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound.  It is essential to verify if your pregnancy is in your uterus and growing, if you’ve miscarried, or if your pregnancy is ectopic.

Pregnancy Testing

Many home pregnancy tests claim to be accurate, but you may have concerns trusting the results. This pregnancy testing service is free, and you will be provided with the result during your appointment.

Medical Screening Before An Abortion

Since having a positive pregnancy test does not provide the full scope of information needed to obtain an abortion, you can meet with a nurse to receive all of the necessary details before scheduling an abortion.


Your health is important. That is why we offer this service at no cost so you can know how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy, and if your pregnancy is viable. Only an ultrasound can provide these details about your pregnancy.