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Making the decision to gift your baby through adoption can be a positive choice. Adoption has changed over the years and is no longer a blind process. Today, birth mothers can choose who will parent their baby as well as decide what type of adoption plan is right for them: open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption.

Paulding Pregnancy Services educates and refers clients to accredited adoption agencies that employ trained counselors who can answer all of your questions and help you create a personalized adoption plan. For more information, please browse the following websites for information.

**NOTE** Paulding Pregnancy Services is not an adoption agency.

Some stories from birth mothers on Adoption:

I knew I loved my daughter from the first moment I found out she was growing inside me. Although I knew I was to naive, young and poor to raise her myself there was never a question she would be brought into this world.I loved her father even though we would never see each other again, therefore, the only sensible choice was open adoption. I loved my child to much to hand her over to people that I had never met. My feeling was and always will be that if I was to scared to look these people in the face, to know and love and bond with them, then how in the world could I in good conscious hand my baby over to them never to see her again? I know without a second of guilt or remorse that I made the right choice in open adoption. How can there be a negative side? Now my child not only has one set of family members who love her, but 2,3,4… How can it be bad to have more people love you rather than less? Now, when each of us wakes up each day to face a new part of our lives, there are no haunting, unanswered questions to get in the way of our feeling secure in who we are so that we may face the rest of our challenges with that knowledge on our side. Now, I feel like I have a second family too, not just my daughter.”

Jennifer Bouchard Doane,
Birthmother and Lifemother.
“A Birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart”
“My baby was my gift to the world to show everyone strength in innocence and purity, and one day I pray my baby will come home to me to tell me of his journey that I can take with him.”

Skye Hardwick
Founder of “Life Mothers”

“If you love someone unconditionally and with your whole heart, then you will do what is best for them, not you. I have never learned a harder lesson than giving my child up for adoption, and I probably never will.”

By: Sarah Sowell

Gave birth to her son April 21st, 2004
Open Adoption